Thursday Class

Thursday Class

Time: 7:00 - 8:00pm
Cost: $12 drop-in fee each class | Free for supporting members

Everyone is welcome!

Lamrim Meditation Practice


This class is a fantastic way to establish a regular Lamrim meditation practice and is especially recommended as a supplement for those already engaging in one of our meditation courses (beginners, in-depth or Foundation Programme).

During these one hour sessions, we will look at practical meditations taken from the special presentation of Buddha’s teachings of the path to enlightenment known as Kadam Lamrim.

  • Breathing meditation to settle the mind
  • Explanation of the lamrim meditation
  • Prayers for receiving blessings
  • 20 min guided lamrim meditation
  • Brief explanation of how to practice during your day

We will be using two texts mainly, The New Meditation Handbook and The Mirror of Dharma with Additions.

Sept 22: Our Precious Human Life
Sept 29: Death and Impermanence
Oct 6: 
The Dangers of Lower Rebirth
Oct 13: Refuge Practice
Oct 20: No class (International Fall Festival)
Oct 27: 
Actions and Their Effects
Nov 3: Developing Renunciation for Samsara
Nov 10: Developing Equanimity
Nov 17: 
Recognizing that all Living Beings are our Mothers
Nov 24: Remembering the Kindness of Living Beings
Dec 1: Equalizing Self and Others
Dec 8: 
The Disadvantages of Self-cherishing
Dec 15: The Advantages of Cherishing Others