At least a three month commitment

Start Saving & Enjoy Discounts

Commit to your own spiritual growth by becoming a member of Akshobya Kadampa Buddhist Centre. If you regularly attend classes and events and want the most economical option, or if you want to take your meditation practice to another level, sign up for a membership plan!

AKBC is a non-profit religious organization. Our Center is completely volunteer-run and all activities are dedicated to the development of world peace. All funds raised through our classes and events goes into running the Centre.


Benefits of becoming a supporting member

$ 80 / Per month
  • Foundation Program (enrolment application required)
  • FREE GP Classes
  • FREE Mini Retreats
  • FREE 'Learn to Meditate' Classes
  • Discounts on Centre Retreats, Courses and Events

Contact  our admin director at or speak to a class assistant. You will be provided with a form to fill out.

At the first of the month. 

You set up an auto payment.  There are 2 choices:
1. Our preferred method is a direct withdrawal from your bank account.  You need to give our admin director your banking information or supply us with a void cheque and this withdrawal will happen automatically on or near the 7th of the month. 
2. Though our donation page on our website at  you can set up a recurring donation through Paypal using a credit card.  Please set this recurring option up on or before the 7th of the month. Please discuss this option with our admin director for further details. 

No.  The membership is for your exclusive use.

You can cancel your membership after three months.  There is a minimum three month commitment required to become a member.  A month’s notice is required for a cancellation. Please contact if you wish to cancel. 

Your membership fee is not tax deductible as you are receiving a service in return.  Any amount above the $80 monthly fee can be tax deductible and a tax receipt will be provided at the end of the tax year.  Giving an additional monthly amount is a great way of increasing your support for the Centre and benefits you at tax time.