Sunday Classes

Sunday Classes

Time: 11am - 12pm
Cost: $10 drop-in fee | Free for supporting members

Everyone is welcome!

The Power of Now

In our busy lives we find it very difficult to relax and enjoy the moment. Even while we are doing things we like, our mind is never in the present – we are constantly making plans for the future, worrying about what might happen next, and never really feeling content.

In this series, we will learn meditations to help us let go of this limiting mental habit. Through this we will develop a peaceful mind, be able to make the most of every moment of our life and begin to uncover its true meaning.

Everyone is welcome.

July 4 – The power of living in the moment
July 11 – The power of self-discipline
July 18 – The practice of mindfulness and alertness
July 25 – Maintaining our daily practice

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Training in Concentration

The specific objective of this class is to understand what concentration is, why it is so important, and to learn how to develop our powers of concentration through systematic training in breathing meditation. Concentration completely determines the power and effectiveness of our spiritual practice, and the extent to which our mind is under control. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to our happiness and well-being, and empowers our ability to be of greatest benefit to others.

Everybody welcome.

Aug 15 – Concentration

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The Power of Intention

In Buddhist practice we are asked to consider the question, ‘Who are you?’ And also, ‘What do you seek?’ Without clear answers to these questions it is difficult to accomplish anything with our life, whether it be external goals, such as career and relationships, or internal ones, such as happiness, or becoming the person we wish to be. In this class, Kelsang Khacho will help us explore these questions for ourselves. When we align our intentions and actions with a clear sense of our potential, amazing accomplishments will arise. The power of intention can take us to wonderful experiences. It has taken some people to the moon and some to enlightenment. Where it will take us depends on how we direct it.

Everybody welcome.

Aug 22 – Meditate with Intention

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Balanced Mind, Happy Mind

A mind that is balanced rests in an attitude of acceptance of things as they are, not wishing for them to be different. When our mind is balanced, we don’t push aside the things we dislike or grasp at the things we prefer.

Everybody welcome.

Aug  29 – How to develop a balanced mind

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Be Kind to Yourself

We can be our own worst enemy. We need to be kind to ourselves instead. In this four week series of classes we will explore some of the thoughts we commonly experience that can sabotage our ability to lead a truly fulfilling life and have healthy relationships. We will learn a series of uplifting and empowering meditations that we can all practice in our daily lives to enable us to be truly kind to ourselves.

This series of classes will share practical advice for how to be happy, regardless of what is going on in our life. Each class will include two guided meditations and advice for a happy life. Everybody welcome.

Sept 5 – Letting go of critical minds
Sept 12 – Forgiving ourselves and others
Sept 19 – Growing through our relationships
Sept 26 – Developing true confidence


Identify and Overcome Our Self-cherishing Mind

Self-cherishing is our mind thinking ‘I am important’ while neglecting others.  It is defined as a mind that considers ourself to be supremely important and precious, and that develops from the appearance of a true existence of the self.

In this series, we will begin to identify this deluded state of mind, which is the source of all our suffering, and learn how to reduce and eventually eradicate it all together.

“All the happiness there is in the world arises from wishing others to be happy.

All the suffering there is in the world arises from wishing oneself to be happy.”


Oct 3 – Identifying the self-cherishing mind 
Oct 10 – The faults of this self-centred mind
Oct 17 – Letting go 
Oct 24 – Learning to cherish others
Oct 31 – The final result


The Power of Acceptance

Patience is an inner strength that enables us to accept and grow from whatever life throws at us. Without cultivating patient acceptance, we remain vulnerable to anxiety and frustration, and it is difficult for us to maintain peaceful relationships with others. If, on the other hand, we understand what true patience is, and its extraordinary power and value, we will be confident to practice patience in daily life.

In this series of classes we will explore Buddhist teachings and meditations, which are practical methods for practicing patient acceptance. Through improving our wisdom we can effectively work to change things for the better from a place of peace rather than from annoyance or anger. By using these methods in our daily life, we will develop an inner peace that cannot be disturbed by changing conditions.

Join us in learning how empowering and liberating true patience can be!

Nov 7: What does acceptance really mean?
Nov 14: No class (Away retreat)
Nov 21: Learning how to accept and grow from suffering
Nov 28: Letting go of anger and other negative minds


Training in Mental Strength & Flexibility

If we wish to be happy and have a meaningful life, strengthening and increasing the power of our mind is essential! How do we do this? By learning meditations and practicing them with good technique.

Join us for this December series to help you make your meditations more effective and experience the results!

Dec 5 –  How to overcome distractions in meditation
Dec 12 –  How to increase the impact of our meditation practice
Dec 19 –  Developing familiarity in our meditation practice



Our general program classes include guided meditations and practical teachings given by Buddha. These classes are suitable for both beginners and more advanced meditation practitioners. General meditation classes are given as a series but can also be taken individually.
Chairs and cushions are provided.

“When the turbulence of distracting thoughts subsides and the mind becomes still, a deep happiness and contentment naturally arise from within.”

Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche