General Program Classes

General Program Classes

The General Program is open to everyone, without special requirements or commitments. Most of the GP activities are drop-in and are don’t require pre-registration. Weekly GP classes introduce methods for improving our lives through meditation and increasing our wisdom and consideration for others. The modern Kadampa Buddhist presentation accords with everyone’s daily experience, and our classes include such topics as:

New to our Meditation Classes?

Benefits to Meditation

What to expect

Our teachers are all experienced practitioners who effectively share their study and experience with the sole intention of helping others improve their lives. 

The General Program is included at every Kadampa Buddhist Centre and is an ideal starting point for those interested in finding out more about how meditation and modern Buddhism can improve their life. Ongoing weekly classes, half day courses, day and weekend courses, retreats, chanted prayer sessions and blessing empowerment ceremonies are GP activities that are open to everyone. Check our calendar for dates and times and find something that interests you!



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