Away Retreats

Away Retreats

The Healing Power of Compassion

November 26 - 28


About the Retreat

Abide in an ocean of compassion. Join us with our Resident Teacher, Kelsang Khacho, for this weekend retreat of teachings and guided meditations on compassion. This retreat will give participants the space to deeply and profoundly taste the bliss of compassion that comes through meditation practice. Going on retreat allows the mind to become unusually clear and lucid so one can immerse themselves in meditation practice in a far more effective manner. 
Compassion has incredible power to heal our mind and to lead us to viewing our life in a completely different way. Compassion makes our life meaningful and our relationships healthier and more positive. Although we already have some degree of compassion, at present it is very biased and limited. When our family or friends are suffering we easily develop compassion for them, but we find it far more difficult to feel sympathy for people we find unpleasant or for strangers. If we genuinely want to realize our potential by attaining full enlightenment, we need to increase the scope of our compassion until it embraces all living beings without exception. 

Everyone is welcome.


About the Teacher

Kelsang Khacho is the newly appointed Resident Teacher of Akshobya Kadampa Buddhist Centre. She is a modern Buddhist nun who has been a devoted student of Venerable Geshe Kelsang Gyatso Rinpoche for many years. She is known for her loving and compassionate nature, as well as her practical presentation of Buddha’s teachings.

She is an inspiring example of modern Buddhism in practice and is dedicated to helping everybody discover Buddha’s wisdom and find real, lasting happiness.


Kelsang Khacho

Registration and Cost

Includes guided retreat, two nights accommodation, six vegetarian meals* and snacks.

  • $375 Full retreat, if registered by (date coming soon)
  • $395 Registrations accepted after (date coming soon)

Beginning with dinner on Friday night at 6:00pm. Some dietary restrictions can be accommodated. Please advise us of your needs.

How to Register

  • Call Akshobya Centre at (403) 454-7595 (credit card only) 
  • Pay at the Centre at a drop-in class 
  • Click below.